If you feel your public safety department is in need of UAV / UAS donation assistance, please fill in the form below with all contact information. In the comments section, please express your need and how you would use the UAV / UAS  hardware to serve your community. Feel free to share past calls where you know this type of tech would have proven invaluable. The more you write the better so that we want to help educate the public about each departments NEED,  this type of detailed information  will allow us to help raise more support!

Also be sure to list any types of UAV /UAS equipment that you desire no matter the cost so we can match the best possible donation to your needs.

NPS-DDP is here to help, and we want you to know that we value what you do for the communities your serve!

Together we can make a difference one donation at a time!


Fire DepartmentSearch & RescueForest FireBeach PatrolLocal PoliceState PoliceSecurityBorder SecurityCoast Guard

Your information:

Please take a moment to explain to us the type of UAV /UAS hardware you are in need of and how you feel it will help you do your job better. Please be as detailed as you can as we will award the UAVS based on the need expressed we will attempt to provide the hardware we feel best meets your needs.