An open letter from the founder

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Dear Friends,

The taxes that we all pay on a federal and or local level are in part used to help fund our Public Safety services in support of local communities. It is no secret that some towns and cities are funded better than others; however, there is one common thread no matter the department or the amount of funding they have. That is they are for the most part staffed by selfless individuals that risk their lives to save person and property, day in and day out! Public safety officials, are to be highly commended for the efforts that they make on behalf of the communities they serve.

Over the years I have been working closely with many public safety departments, first responders,  police departments and others across the country to educate, train and provide UAV / UAS tools and technology. Sadly more often than not, many do not have the budget to afford the inflated prices of this type of hardware. Why do we say inflated prices?

Working daily within this industry, we see things the general public and our clients cannot see taking place from hardware manufacturers and some distributors. Frankly, it is a bit disturbing to us that ( some ) treat their client base as if a cash cow!

The bottom line is our public safety agencies across the country are under very tight budgets. Please consider a small donation in any amount to help us help them to get the UAV/UAS  tools they cannot afford at this time. Together we can make a difference one gift at a time! The reality is the longer these departments in need go without effective tools, the more risk of lives and property being lost!

Please take some time to learn more about how you may be able to contribute, as an individual, small company, large corporation, media entity, or grant writer to this most important program.

“ but that by means of an equalizing, your surplus at the present time might offset their need, so that their surplus might also offset your deficiency, that there may be an equalizing.”

Together we can create this “equalizing” one donation at a time!

Thank you for your support and interest!

Marc Langley

Principle / CEO
Airborne Works 

marc langley nps ddp