FoxFury Lighting Solutions Partners with National Public Safety Drone Donation Program to Bring Drone Technology to Departments in Need

OCEANSIDE, CA – FoxFury Lighting Solutions is partnering with the NPS-DDP (National Public Safety Drone Donation Program) in an effort to bring UAV/UAS technology to public safety agencies in need across the country. For the month of May, FoxFury pledges a percentage of its drone lighting sales to NPS-DDP with the goal of donating drones to agencies that have applied for program consideration.

Dozens of fire departments, search and rescue teams, local police, border security, and more apply to NPS-DDP in the hopes of receiving drone technology that they cannot otherwise acquire on their own to help their communities.

NPS-DDP accepts donations from private citizens, drone manufacturers, or corporate donors like SkyBrowse,  Autel Robotics and Fox Fury lighting solutions. This program then matches applicants with donors to provide hardware and or software and even grant writing resources  to as many departments in need as possible.  There are no strings attached to this donation program, we only require the following: #1 Each department must have a licensed FAA 107 pilot available. #2 Each department will be required to sign a liability waiver #3 We would ask all departments to help us get as much media coverage of this donation as a platform to help educate others about the great work this program is providing. Please note top priority for donations goes to departments that do not already have an existing drone program in place,  Any department may apply.


The Partnership



FoxFury Lighting Solutions is the creator of the Rugo Drone & Camera Light. The Rugo is a rugged go anywhere light that can mount to a variety of drones, providing public safety agencies with needed lighting during search, inspection, and photo/video applications. The light is rechargeable and has three different beam options, allowing users to choose between area, spot, and flood lighting, depending on their need.

The Rugo is also waterproof, rugged, and impact resistant, which makes it an ideal tool for these agencies. Users can purchase the Rugo individually or as a bundle that includes (2) Rugolights, (1) extra Quick Swap Power Pack with Strobe, and (1) set of drone mounts.

Drone mounts are available for the following drones: DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire, DJI Matrice, Yuneec, Typhoon H, and Yuneec H520.


FoxFury will donate a portion of Rugo and Rugo Drone Bundle sales to NPS-DDP with the goal of donating 1 to 2 drones to applying agencies.

“Our lights exist to keep people safe,” said Antonio Cugini, Director of Marketing at FoxFury Lighting Solutions. “So we are thrilled to be working with NPS-DDP in the hopes of bringing new technology to departments that can use it to keep their communities safe.”


The mission of NPS-DDP is to recruit others to help support our national public safety departments nationwide with UAV/UAS technology through voluntary donations, be it hardware and or financial and media support from the private, corporate and community sectors. Together we can help support those who give so much.


About FoxFury Lighting Solutions

At FoxFury Lighting Solutions, we create premium lighting tools that shine brightly in the most extreme environments to keep people safe. Our Xtremium™ products focus on durability and speed, providing unique solutions and possibilities for first responders, enterprise professionals, and videographers in over 65 countries. There is no second chance when it comes to getting the correct lighting. So, when seconds count, depend on FoxFury Lighting Solutions.

  • Video Drone Request Instructions

    The Board members of understand the importance of being able to receive the tools that you need to do your job safely and efficiently.The reason we founded this program is with one mission in mind, to help put “Eyes in the Sky for Every Department in Need” TM

    With that vision as the foundation of our program development, please take the time to fill out this form or for much better chance of drawing attention to you request please consider creating a unique video, in either application please explain the following:

    1) Why your department needs a drone
    2) How your department could have benefitted from a drone in the past
    3) Express how the use of this technology will benefit your operations, as well as the communities that you serve
    4) Tell us how this donation will assist your department in operating more safely and efficiently in the future. Feel free to elaborate on your circumstances.
    (Example: border city, railway, manufacturing facilities, beach community, etc.)
    5) Tell us the minimum requirement for the drone. Feel free to express to us what your ideal drone hardware would be to incorporate into this asset

    With the video option please be as creative and detailed as you can. The more detail you add, the more persuasive your video will be, and this will increase your chances of a timely donation. We have a growing list of partner supporters, from drone and lighting manufacturers to software solution providers and more. Note that all our supporting partners review each, and every video as well as the Board of Directors. Feel free to make your video as short or long as you like but state your case clearly and persuasively.

    Please also note the main requirement to receive a drone is to have in place an FAA approved 107 pilot able to deploy any donated asset. If you do not have a 107 you may sign up for our program or anyone else’s program. We prefer you to use our program as a portion of the purchase (5%) goes back to support this drone donation program, but in NO way is this required!

    Once you have completed your video, upload to the link here and we will get it previewed and if approved, we will inform you and it will be posted on the interactive map.