When a good thing is taking place it is important to help spread the word. We encourage media outlets of all types to chime in and help us spread the word. After all, those in need of hardware could use your help and the person or company who donate should absolutely receive recognition! We see it as a nice way for all that are involved to receive some recognition. We will dedicate a special page on this site for all media outlets. Here you will be able to access great success stories and to have your news outlets logo and brand posted so that all know that your station, paper, radio/internet talk show, Blog etc. support a great program. We want all who visit this site to see how much your media outlet cares and is eager to support our communities.

Together we can make a difference one donation at a time!


If you have any questions about this initiative or media inquiries, Please fill out this contact form. One of our team will then contact you personally to address all questions and discuss how your media outlet can help support this great cause. We will further be sure to connect you to any human interest stories as they become available from our donation recipients these tools will save lives and you can help report that to your audiences.

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