Vice President / CFO
Ms.Joyce Recchia

Middlebury, CT. 06726

Ms. Recchia graduated from the University of New Haven with a M.S. in Fire Science (Investigations) and Emergency Management.

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Ms. Recchia Served an internship for the City of Waterbury, CT in the Fire Marshals Fire Investigation Division prior to working in the private sector for a forensic analysis national/international corporation offering origin-and-cause investigations. She previously worked as an EMT-Intermediate for a commercial ambulance service for 10 years and was part of the catastrophic emergency response team for Hurricane Katrina. Ms. Recchia also was a volunteer firefighter and holds Firefighting I and II certifications. She was part of the State of Connecticut DEEP Wild-land Firefighter crew receiving her FFT2 (red card) certification, responding to fires in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Minnesota. Currently she is member of the National Association of Arson Investigators (NAFI) and the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and is a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator (CFEI). Ms. Recchia also holds an M.S. in Government Studies from Southern Connecticut State University and will begin her MBA. in Environmental Management at the University of Connecticut in the Fall of 2020. She has worked and volunteered in non-profit including the American Red Cross, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and the Leary Firefighters Foundation. As the organization’s Vice President and CFO her duties are spelled out in the bylaws which are attached to this application. .

2nd Vice President / Public Safety Relations
Mr.Nir Pe’er

Buford, GA. 30518

Mr. Nir Pe’er, CEO and founder of Inspired Intelligence, who holds a background in military, security, and law enforcement

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Mr. Nir Pe’er, CEO and founder of Inspired Intelligence, holds a background in military, security, and law enforcement, followed in pursuit of his passions to bring forth an innovative new company foreseen to make a mark in the world of drones, Inspections, Surveys, Mapping & Public Safety. As an IT Major, Certified PEACE Officer, FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot and with years of experience with RC and unmanned systems, as well as over 10 years of experience in the manufacture and development of prototypes for security, military, and civilian applications, he’s developed an understanding that runs on deeper levels. Nir is an innovative thinker and detail-oriented creator who is not afraid to think “Out of the Box” and take risks. What finally brought everything together for him was the eye-opening experiences Nir had working as a Deputy of the Sheriff’s Department in the State of Georgia. Applications for drones were numerous, proving to be able to save lives while reducing the cost of manpower at the same time. Inevitably, he was inspired, and started Inspired Intelligence – Professional Drone and Scanning Solutions. Currently, Nir is a proud board member of NPS-DDP and is excited to help the nation’s heroes and first responders get the equipment and training they need to be able to use drones in their everyday challenges risking their lives. He indubitably believes that lives and property will be saved by helping underfunded departments benefit from the NPS-DDP mission to help put “eyes in the sky for every department in need”. As the 2nd VP, his duties are spelled out in the bylaws . Nir will  help be the voice of to those within public safety and working to build our board of advisors.

Director / Secretary
Mr. Michael J Carlo

Tolland, CT. 06084

A life-long resident of Tolland County, Connecticut. Mr Michael Carlo started his career within his fathers family's businesses.

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A life-long resident of Tolland County, Connecticut. Mr Michael Carlo started his career within his fathers family’s businessesFirst in the golf Cart sales, leasing and service, then into the family automotive parts business. After the family he took his experience and expertise into Operations Manager position for a large wholesale automotive parts warehouse supplying automotive parts stores throughout New England. He then ventured into the financial world as a financial planner for Morgan Stanley spending several years helping others manage assets. And then obtained his Realestate brokerage license. While doing this and as a love of the outdoors he trained and entered the professional world of Land Surveying. It is here he developed his skills in Topography Surveying. Now a FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot and also now works as outside sales for Airborne Works, his rich experience in multiple careers, has enabled him to come in contact with a vast number of contacts within the public Safety sector. With his business experience in multiple disciplines Mr. Carlo brings great value as a board member, as the organization’s Secretary his duties are Spelled out in the bylaws.

Director / Marketing
Mr.Robert John Frechette

Charleston, SC. 29412

Mr. Frechette holds a Bachelors degree in finance from the University of Tampa. He was the East coast sales director for national pet food company

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Mr. Frechette holds a Bachelors degree in finance from the University of Tampa. He was the East coast sales director for national pet food company, responsible for the overall growth and development of the Mid-Atlantic and North-East market. Duties included sales lead and brand ambassador to the US launch of several lines of products and to establish growth in a competitive specialty and veterinarian market. He is responsible for some of the largest sales numbers in the NorthEast region in Cable service sales. Mr. Frechette has a knack for making deals and presenting clearly, the value proposition. He is able to locate or propose potential business deals by contacting potential partners opportunities and consistently thinks outside the box. He is skilled at discovering and exploring opportunities and screen potential business deals by analyzing market strategies, deal requirements, potential, and resolving internal priorities. Develop negotiating strategies and positions by studying integration of new venture with company strategies and operations. He is now a senior advisor for IdeaPros helping entrepreneurs start and grow their business. He is a dedicated husband and father and his approach to life is “ family first “ Mr. Frechette provides a level of business insight and professional presence that will bring real value as a board member. As the organization’s marketing director he will also work directly with Mr. Langley on marketing, his duties are spelled out in the bylaws.

Mr. Mark C Langley

Hebron, CT. 06248

Mr. Langley’s background is in the trades. His father is a master electrician. Growing up he got early hands on training within electrical

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Mr. Langley’s background is in the trades. His father is a master electrician. Growing up he got early hands on training within electrical, plumbing and construction. Out of high school he attended an HVACR trade school. Owned his own business “Langley refrigeration” for 9 years. Then went to work for a Scientific service company servicing cryogenics and many types of lab equipment Including robotics. In 2000, founded Advance Service LLC. A Company that designs and installs wireless monitoring systems within IVF and other bio tech Labs and food service facilities across the country. He holds two patents for laboratory devices. Mr. Langley founded Airborne Works in early 2015 a commercial UAV company, FAA Certified Commercial Drone Pilot with a focus on public safety verticals. Airborne Works provides UAV products and services including but not limited to, Thermal imaging hardware, UAV 107 flight training as well as groundbased Lidar systems for accident and crime scene reconstruction, forensics training within public safety. The company is a national dealer for FLIR UAV solutions and Leica geospatial systems, Autel Robotics, SkyeBrowse and other tech companies. On 7/16/19 Airborne Works became the first UAV company in United States history to be contracted and conduct an aerial mission for the EPA to use drone technology within an environmental pilot study. Airborne Works just received a 2nd EPA project in early 2020. Airborne Works has provided full day work shop at InterDrone 2019 on UAV and ground based mapping. He is available for speaking events on many topics but with the focus on public safety crime and accident scene forensics. He is also the founder of the NPS-DDP donation concept and as the president he has extensive contacts and knowledge of public safety industry as a result of his UAV background with Airborne Works. At present Mr. Langley is a volunteer director of NPS-DDP he runs day to day operations marketing and donations. He is keenly interested in helping the nations public safety agencies benefit from UAV technology and works closely with other non-profit organizations other search and rescue non-profits that have direct connections to the departments of the FAA working to safely bring drone technology into national air space (NAS). As the organization’s President his duties are spelled out in the bylaws. Mr. Langley spends 20 – 40+ hours per week on the organization’s work.

  • Video Drone Request Instructions

    The Board members of understand the importance of being able to receive the tools that you need to do your job safely and efficiently.The reason we founded this program is with one mission in mind, to help put “Eyes in the Sky for Every Department in Need” TM

    With that vision as the foundation of our program development, please take the time to fill out this form or for much better chance of drawing attention to you request please consider creating a unique video, in either application please explain the following:

    1) Why your department needs a drone
    2) How your department could have benefitted from a drone in the past
    3) Express how the use of this technology will benefit your operations, as well as the communities that you serve
    4) Tell us how this donation will assist your department in operating more safely and efficiently in the future. Feel free to elaborate on your circumstances.
    (Example: border city, railway, manufacturing facilities, beach community, etc.)
    5) Tell us the minimum requirement for the drone. Feel free to express to us what your ideal drone hardware would be to incorporate into this asset

    With the video option please be as creative and detailed as you can. The more detail you add, the more persuasive your video will be, and this will increase your chances of a timely donation. We have a growing list of partner supporters, from drone and lighting manufacturers to software solution providers and more. Note that all our supporting partners review each, and every video as well as the Board of Directors. Feel free to make your video as short or long as you like but state your case clearly and persuasively.

    Please also note the main requirement to receive a drone is to have in place an FAA approved 107 pilot able to deploy any donated asset. If you do not have a 107 you may sign up for our program or anyone else’s program. We prefer you to use our program as a portion of the purchase (5%) goes back to support this drone donation program, but in NO way is this required!

    Once you have completed your video, upload to the link here and we will get it previewed and if approved, we will inform you and it will be posted on the interactive map.