Meet Our Partners

Cirtwill Investments partners with the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program to help save lives.

The Partnership

Cirtwill Investments: Cirtwill Investments purchases houses quickly in their existing condition, without any fees or contingencies. I am excited to be able to support public safety. I met Mark Langley with NPS-DDP and was very pleased to learn about the work his non-profit company does to help public safety agencies with life-saving drone technology. Cirtwill Investments is a small, woman founded, owned, and operated business in Los Angeles that deals with all types of distressed properties including hoarded homes, homes with code violations, red-tagged homes, abandoned/ vacant houses, homes with drug dealers or squatters, and homes with any type of biohazard. We will purchase these homes and handle all the difficulties that come with them very quickly, and work to improve the home and safety within the community.” Said Kristi Cirtwill, President of Cirtwill Investments and


The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program:

“We are pleased to see companies of all types making donations in support of the NPS-DDP mission to help put “ Eyes In the Sky For Every Department In Need”™. The generosity of these types of donations cannot be underestimated as this hardware provides life-saving value in the hands of those who work so hard to protect the communities they serve. Also, it provides a tremendous amount of economic benefit in saved man-hours” said Mark Langley founder of NPS-DDP

We encourage private citizens and any company including public safety to contact us to recycle any unused UAV back into service. If any of the drones that we receive are not suitable for public safety we have partnered with women and drones to donate these types of drones to STEM programs across the country to help benefit youth education.

“Eyes In The Sky For Every Department In Need"


The mission of NPS-DDP was founded by Airborne Works with a focus to recruit others to help support our national public safety departments nationwide with UAV/UAS technology through voluntary donations, be it hardware, financial and/or media support from the private, corporate and community sectors. 

Together we can help support those who give so much. The goal is to help put “Eyes In The Sky For Every Department In Need” ™.

About Cirtwill Investments

Cirtwill Investments was founded to help seniors sell their home quickly and compassionately, with a minimum of effort and disruption to the family caregivers. We help seniors unlock the equity in their home in as little as seven days so they can begin experiencing all of the dignity, independence, and the many other benefits of living in a senior living retirement community. Simply put, we will purchase a seniors home for a fair cash price, in AS-IS condition, in as little as seven days, without any fees or contingencies. The seniors and families that we work with are not charged any fees, and they don’t need to make any repairs to their home. In fact, they simply take their valued personal belongings and leave everything else (cleaning, repairs, etc.) to us. To learn more about how we can help you or someone you know sell a home quickly, call us at 562-400-2953 to get a fast, confidential, no-strings-attached cash offer today!