Donation #41 Case Closed! Ault Fire Department receives a free drone from CoE through

WHERE: 16680 CO-14, Ault, CO 80610, USA

WHEN: November, 15, 2022 Donates Drone Kit To Fire Department, Ault-Pierce Colorado.

Their Request

With a drone donation, Ault-Pierce Fire Department (APFD) plans to not only incorporate this capability into the fire service but will be an aid to our local Police departments making this deployable for any type of response. APFD is located in a rural community with limited resources and extended response times from larger agencies with drone capabilities. A drone can provide fire and police responders with enhanced situational awareness and response capabilities. This information helps commanders determine the size of the incident, its severity, what resources are needed, and the overall response objectives. The benefits of drone technology will enhance firefighter & police safety with cameras and thermal imaging technology, they can transmit footage and data straight to the command center as well as onboard computers and mobile devices. Enabling rapid fire ground assessment, search and rescue operations, assessment of hazardous materials incidents and can also aid in the assessment of training activities. APFD had a structure fire that took 13 hours to extinguish, fire crews had to climb ladders on an unstable structure, and ended up having to call in the State of Colorado drone to help check for hot spots. This prevented all potential firefighter injuries. Ault Police needed a drone at an incident where a party had run from the Police, wrecked his vehicle, and fired shots at the 2 officers there. They had to wait more than 30 minutes for a drone to help them assess the scene and determine if the party was still there, had run, or was deceased. Having a drone with the right capabilities can speed up this process and help determine if a scene is safe or if the community is at risk. Drones can quickly cover a lot of ground and reach areas that may be difficult for firefighters and police to get to. They can even carry items such as water bottles, life jackets, or food packets. This can make them helpful for search and rescue missions. Having a drone will have a greater impact on our area responders as well as neighboring districts. APFD will have designated drone pilots that can deploy at any time. We appreciate the consideration for drone donation as we feel this is an important cause.”

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“Eyes in the sky for every department in need"

Their Story

Colorado Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting (CoE), a section within The Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control:

“We look to identify new drone technology to help firefighters do their job faster safer and more efficiently. Our mission is to drive technological advancements to improve firefighting practices and influence innovation across the public safety community. We have older drones that have been shelved and we are donating them to help public safety agencies through the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program. This department was one of the five departments that applied for a drone to We are helping support’s mission to put “Eyes In The Sky For Every Department In Need ™.”


The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program:

“We are pleased to see companies of all types making donations in support of the NPS-DDP mission to help put “ Eyes In The Sky For Every Department In Need™” The generosity of these types of donations cannot be underestimated as this hardware provides life-saving value in the hands of those who work so hard to protect the communities they serve. Also, it provides a tremendous amount of economic benefit in saved man-hours. We encourage private citizens and any company including public safety to contact us to recycle any unused UAV back into service. If any of the drones that we receive are not suitable for public safety we have partnered with women and drones to donate these types of drones to STEM programs across the country to help benefit youth education.” Said Mark Langley CEO of NPS-DDP