Donation #48 Case Closed! Laporte Fire Department Donates to Union Fire Co #1 Hamburg, PA through

Their Request

“Cultivating our drone program has been transformative. Starting with a donation from in 2020, our dedicated team has achieved significant milestones. Today, as we embrace cutting-edge technology with our new DJI Matrice 30T, we’re paying it forward. We’ve donated our trusty DJI Mavic to Union Fire Co #1 to help them launch their program, recognizing the power of community and shared resources in advancing public safety.” Said Chief Dan Morrison


“We extend our heartfelt thanks for the generous DJI Mavic 2 Dual Enterprise donation, made possible through the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program and in partnership with the Laporte Fire Department. This invaluable resource will greatly enhance our response capabilities in Northern Berks County, Eastern PA, covering vast rural areas, search and rescue missions, and addressing challenges posed by commercial growth and Interstate 78. Your support has provided a lifeline, enabling us to better serve our community. We are committed to maximizing the impact of this donation and expanding our team for 24/7 coverage. Our gratitude knows no bounds, and we are privileged to be the selected recipients of this gift. Thank you for transforming the way we can help those in need.” Said Fire Chief Jarrod K. Emes


“Eyes in the sky for every department in need"

Their Story

The Union Fire Co No 1 of Hamburg provides 24.7 fire and rescue responses to the citizens of Northern Berks County located in Pennsylvania. Our primary coverage area includes large agriculture, commercial, and residential areas. We provide coverage to over 25 plus miles of the Appalachian Trail, over 30 miles of farmland, and agriculture-run areas including large open field areas that have limited access points. We have over 20 miles of Interstate 78 which our department responds to some of the deadliest roadways here in Pennsylvania. Knick name Hells Highway. Our department provides fire, rescue, search to a number of departments which this device would benefit. Our agency would assist local law enforcement for search needs, to provide officer safety, and locate lost and or missing hikers, and lost boaters via the miles of Schuylkill River here in our primary run area. A large commercial warehouse would also allow our agency to use in large event pre-planning and/or fire suppression to achieve an aerial live-time view of incidents. We run well over 800 Plus calls of service per year. We would have members of the department complete training and operate a drone here in our area. A video would not load we can provide one as requested of our area.