Donation #52 to Pasquotank county emergency management Thanks to Foxfury Lighting Solutions.

Their Request

Pasquotank and Camden Counties are located in the Coastal Plain region of northeastern North Carolina, contiguous to Chesapeake, Virginia and Gates County to the north, Currituck County to the east, Perquimans County to the west, and the Albemarle Sound to the south. The City of Elizabeth City, the only municipality, is centrally located on the Pasquotank River with portions of the city in both counties. The population of the two counties (including the City of Elizabeth City) is approximately 50,000. Our Agency is unique because we are the only Two-County Agency in the state. Our 911 Center, EMS, and Emergency Management cover both counties but each county has its own Sheriff’s Department and Fire Departments. Being new to this agency, but bringing multiple years of UAS experience, I found the need to establish a UAS program within our area for multiple reasons. We are a very rural and Waterous area, which brings the potential for lost/missing subjects on both ground and sea, along with waterway and watercraft incidents. In addition to responding to Search and Rescue Missions, our Law Enforcement agencies would benefit from a drone for over watch during high risk missions, event over watch for parades and festivals, and also accident reconstruction. Our Fire Departments also benefit tremendously as a drone is very beneficial in providing a 360 view for command and able to view any potential threats to responders. In the event of a Hazardous Materials Incident, we can deploy the drone initially before sending a responder into harms way. There are unlimited uses today for drones. The biggest asset a drone is used for is Life Safety. There is a potential that someone in our office could to respond to a scene, deploy a drone, and locate an individual or threat before other responders make it on scene which could make the difference in someone’s life. Our UAS program will involve the Pasquotank Sheriff’s Office, Elizabeth City Police Department, and South Mills Volunteer Fire Department. As we continue building our program, we will add additional agencies, pilots, and VO’s. In addition, our UAS Taskforce will respond to emergencies in surrounding counties as there are no other UAS programs in our area. This donation would also be a huge asset to all of these surrounding counties. Our agency is seeking a drone donation that ideally would have zoom capabilities and even FLIR technology as these two sensors would provide for maximum use 24 hours a day. We would also be interested in software such as LOC8 and Drone Deploy and UAS management software to manage our pilots, certifications, maintenance checks, and aircraft. Thank You for the Consideration. Josh Wyse, Assistant Coordinator Pasquotank-Camden Emergency Management

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