Case Closed, Laporte Volunteer Fire Department to Receive Drone Donation from National Public Safety Drone Donation Program and Private Citizen

WHERE: Laporte Volunteer Fire Department , 14 Park St, Laporte PA. 18626

WHEN: June 14th 2020

Drone Donation from National Public Safety Drone Donation Program and Private Citizen

Their Request

Laporte Vol Fire Dept is located in rural northern Pennsylvania. Est. In 1946 to serve and protect the citizens and visitors to Sullivan County Pa. LVFC covers around 100sq Miles in two Townships and a Boro. We are the county seat and center of the county. We operate Fire,Rescue,EMS as well as a water rescue team and a Incident Command Trailer that is used county wide.

Are Dept does many fundraisers like other depts such as a Carnival, Chicken BBQs, Breakfast ext… When disasters strike LVFC is there. In 2011 Tropical storm Lee hit Pa. Are dept deployed and stayed active for over 72 hours performing water rescues, to serving hot meals and opening the station up to county residents as well as the National guard. In 2012 storm Sandy hit the East coast causing destruction. Are dept activated and sent a trailer load of supply’s to New Jersey residents in need.Since then we have experienced a rising number in flooding events. Are dept sent members to class and now hold a Water Rescue and Search and Rescue task force in are dept.

We are the home and start of what is called the Loyalsock state forest. 114,552 acres that is a high attraction area in the summer months for hiking,Camping ext..They even run a 50K and 100K ultra marathon threw the winding and dangerous trails.

Being the center of the county keeps us busy, We are all volunteer. When the bell rings we go, Adding a drone device with Flier and small lifting capability would help are COUNTY tremendously! Being able to fly a PFD (Personal Protective Device) To someone trapped in there home during a flooding event to Being able to locate someone on Flier lost in the wilderness could save there life and our members life.

Are department would be very grateful to have a tool like this for not only are dept. But for the entire county and beyond.

Thank You

Chief  Morrison




“Eyes in the sky for every department in need"

Their Story

The Laporte volunteer fire will welcome representatives from the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP) and Airborne Works for the generous donation of a drone to the fire department. A private Citizen Mr. Timothy Tully From Massachusetts made this generous donation. “ We are not using this drone and think the program is a great program and it is our hope this donation will help support an agency in need and help save lives and property” Said: Mr. Tully .
The event will feature a short speaking program and formal presentation of the drone to the fire department as well as an onsite demonstration of the new lifesaving technology.