Case Closed, West Hartford CT. Fire and Police Department receive free drone and lighting kit from

WHERE: 1068 New Britain Avenue West Hartford CT

WHEN: 9/17/2020

Global drone manufacturer AUTEL ROBOTICS & FoxFury Lighting Solutions join up with the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program ( to provide free drones and lighting systems to departments in need

Their Request

On April 28th 2019, the West Hartford Fire Department applied , to the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program ( / Airborne Works for a free drone. NPS-DDP was founded by . Our partners at AUTEL Robotics, a global drone manufacturer, and FoxFury Lighting Solutions, a global public safety lighting solutions provider, has teamed up with NPS-DDP to donate new drones and unmanned areal vehicle (UAV) lighting kits to departments in need.

The West Hartford CT Fire Department has been chosen by AUTEL Robotics to receive one of 13 Drone kits to be donated. The UAV will be donated in person to the department. They now have a Licensed FAA 107 drone pilot on staff to fly the drone. This UAV technology will help save lives and streamline deployment and provide fast real-time situational awareness for the West Hartford Fire Company.

West Hartford Fire Department

“Eyes in the sky for every department in need"

Their Story

“We are an urban/suburban Fire/Rescue/EMS Department in the Town of West Hartford. We do approximately 10,000 +/- runs per year. We are also part of the Capital Region Haz-Mat Team that covers two counties in the state of Connecticut. Some of our runs would be greatly benefited by the use of a drone. Some examples would be search and rescue in a large hiking area that gets lost hikers several times a year, ” said Captain Keith G Albert of the West Hartford Fire Department.

Autel Robotics and NPS-DDP understands every second matters in emergency situations. West Hartford Fire Department has been chosen as one of thirteen recipients of a drone that has been generously donated to the NPS-DDP program by our partner supporter AUTEL Robotics.

“Autel Robotics remains proudly dedicated to supporting our men and women in our Public Safety fields. We believe they can use these drones to enhance their safety and make their workflow more efficient. These individuals go to work everyday in high stress assignments and put their lives on the line for the safety and well being of all of us. Autel Robotics is proud to support this program that supports our First Responders”, said John Kuch, Public Safety Sales Manager.

In addition, FoxFury Lighting Solutions is donating an FAA approved drone lighting solution, which allows illumination for night operations.

“ FoxFury is pleased to be able to provide drone lighting for West Hartford’s new Autel Evo drone. We hope it will be an asset for their night operations and help get the job done faster and safer,” said Antonio Cugini of FoxFury Lighting Solutions. Business Development Director.

We welcome all media coverage, our goal is to help educate the public and local municipalities about the importance of UAV technology in the hands of public safety officials and seek ongoing support from community and corporate donors.

About , Established in 2018 by Airborne Works. “We hoped to help alleviate the shortfall in drone funding and founded the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (, a first of its kind in the world UAV/drone donation program whereby public safety departments may apply to receive a free UAV/drone at no cost to the department. We are dedicated to support the nations underfunded public safety agencies with much needed drone technology. Our mission is to help