Case Closed! Ms. Kristi Cirtwill owner of donates drone to support Bell Gardens Police Department through

WHERE: 7100 Garfield Avenue, Bell Gardens 90201

WHEN: May 31, 11:00 AM

L.A. Real Estate developer supports the National Public Safety Drone Donation Program with a drone donation to Bell Gardens Police Department. FoxFury Lighting Solutions & SkyeBrowse donated a new drone lighting kit, & accident/crime scene 3D reality software.

Their Request

“Drones are making the work of law enforcement agencies and first responders significantly safer and easier. That is one of the reasons the Bell Gardens Police Department recently created our first-ever drone program. The mission and goal of this drone program are to keep our officers safe and protect the lives of the public. The drone program will also change how we respond to a wide range of incidents and keep the public safe. For example, a drone will provide the following benefits: Save time by covering more ground, get to the scene faster, save money, provide vital information to protect lives, search and rescue operations, traffic accident scene investigations, track and locate suspects, assess dangerous situations as an active shooter, hostage, and natural disaster response and recovery efforts. Therefore, the Bell Gardens Police Department is seeking funding and/or donations to purchase additional drones for our programs” said Lieutenant Camacho.

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“Eyes in the sky for every department in need"

Their Story

Cirtwill Investments:
“I am excited to donate a drone to the Bell Gardens Police Department. I met Mark Langley with NPS-DDP and was very pleased to learn about the work his non-profit company does to help public safety agencies. I fully support the Bell Gardens drone program and its ability to keep its officers safer and protect the lives of the public. Cirtwill Investments is a small, woman-founded, owned, and operated business in Los Angeles that deals with all types of distressed properties including hoarded homes, homes with code violations, red-tagged homes, abandoned/ vacant houses, homes with drug dealers or squatters, and homes with any type of biohazard. We will purchase these homes and handle all the difficulties that come with them very quickly, and work to improve the home and safety within the community.” Said Kristi Cirtwill, President of Cirtwill Investments and
“We believe in the mission of NPS-DDP to help put life-saving drone technology in the hands of public safety. We will donate a six-month license to the Bell Gardens Police Department.” Said Bobby Ouyang CEO of SkyeBrowse.The SkyeBrowse Software solution allows public safety to acquire mission-critical data for command staff with no advanced training required to make a highly accurate 3D model with just 1 tap in the SkyeBrowse app. Departments have cleared crime scenes in 90 seconds, instead of 3 hours. Pre-planning is made easy, a 3-minute SkyeBrowse flight has been used to place snipers at events and spot hazmat runoffs. Scenes like this are cleared 90% faster with SkyeBrowse. Government buildings are being mapped by officers flying SkyeBrowse for actionable intelligence for future active shooter situations. A six Month license to the software will be provided at no charge.
FoxFury Lighting Solutions:
“We are thrilled to be working with NPS-DDP in the hopes of bringing new technology to departments that can use it to keep their communities safe,” said Antonio Cugini Director of Marketing at FoxFury Lighting solutions. We will donate a saddle and two D3060 lights. FoxFury Lighting Solutions offers drone lighting tools for anti-collision and search and rescue operations. Innovative, powerful, and designed for small UAV technologies. Innovative Solutions for all Your Safety Lighting Needs, when seconds count and lives are on the line – FoxFury has the tools you need to save lives. Our lighting solutions are for any industry in need of portable, reliable lighting solutions.
The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program:
“We are pleased to see companies of all types making donations in support of the NPSDDP mission to help put “ Eyes In the Sky For Every Department In Need”™. The generosity of these types of donations cannot be underestimated as this hardware provides life-saving value in the hands of those who work so hard to protect the communities they serve. Also, it provides a tremendous amount of economic benefit in saved man-hours” said Mark Langley founder of NPS-DDP.
We encourage private citizens and any company including public safety to contact us to recycle any unused UAV back into service. If any of the drones that we receive are not suitable for public safety we have partnered with women and drones to donate these types of drones to STEM programs across the country to help benefit youth education.