Cased Closed for Homewood Alabama Fire Department. Thanks to Autel Robotics and FoxFury Lighting Solutions!

WHERE: 2850 19th St S Homewood AL

WHEN: 10/20/2020

May 11th 2019 NPS DDP was contacted with a donation request from the website departments in need page.

Their Request

Having access to rugged drone technology could serve to enhance the safety of our personnel and our response capability to fire and EMS calls in our community. The ability to have a drone in the air during a structure fire enables us to have a continuous 360 degree picture of the emerging incident and will aid in the decision-making process. We have a several major thoroughfares crossing our city borders and a enhanced chance of hazmat incidents as a result. As with structure fires, being able to send a drone to fly the area of the incident could provide valuable information without the added risk of human exposure for recon.

Also, our department participates in the Alabama Mutual Aid System as a heavy rescue unit. We have response capability for large scale incidents that could occur anywhere within the state of Alabama. Having the ability to put a drone in the air could greatly facilitate response activities during large scale incidents. As such, It is my hope that you will consider a donation to our department to assist in these areas.

“Eyes in the sky for every department in need"

Their Story

May 11th 2019 NPS DDP was contacted with a donation request from the website departments in need page. Our supporting partners at Autel Robotics saw the need and provided a NEW EVO Drone to this department. One of 9 donations generously donated from Autel Robotics. This is the letter of thanks from the Homewood Fire Department: “Dear Autel Robotics / Airborne Works, On behalf of the City of Homewood, Alabama and the Homewood Fire and Rescue Service, I would like to extend our sincere “Thanks” for the donation of our Autel-EVO. We truly appreciate it and we are looking forward to getting our program started ASAP.

Here at Homewood Fire and Rescue Service, we continuously look for ways to enhance the service we provide to our community. We believe that our drone program will be one that does help enhance the service we provide. We can think of many applications where having an “eye in the sky” will help ensure mission success and/or safety of our Firefighting/EMS Crews.We are in the early stages of program development and training to use our Autel-EVO but obviously, your kind donation goes a very long way in getting that started. Thank you again for the donation to the City of Homewood Fire and Rescue Service and for sponsoring this program to assist those in Public Safety across the nation.

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